The Wire Cutters
In spring 2022, reports emerged of a series of unusual attacks on electrical equipment in a valley in West Yorkshire. Farm equipment, 5G towers and electrical substations were targeted and their circuitry destroyed. Nothing was stolen. The vandals caused power outages, they disrupted communication networks and affected the livelihoods of residents living in the town of Halifax.

The group became known locally as The Wire Cutters and their motives remain a mystery. 

The Face: born in London in 1980, the original, definitive style magazine. Reborn in 2019. Endless discovery for a new generation.

Weekly magazine show, covering the latest news in fashion, music and film/tv, presented by editor of THE FACE, Matthew Whitehouse.

The Beauty Queen Riots
In October 2005, rumours about a rape in a shop filled the pirate radio airwaves. The allegation was that South Asian shopkeepers had assaulted a schoolgirl of Jamaican heritage. The story struck a nerve and soon people were protesting outside the shop - a hair and beauty supply shop named Beauty Queen.

Journalist Amardeep Bassey returns to investigate a story he first covered 18 years ago. What happened and what did we miss back then which might have explained why people took to the streets with such force? And what lessons can be learned 20 years on?

Joanna & The Maestro
Joanna Lumley and her husband Stephen Barlow invite you into their home for a fascinating, funny journey into their shared love of music. 

You probably know Joanna Lumley, but you may not be aware that her husband Stephen Barlow is a famed conductor, composer and musician - and the pair of them are passionate about classical music. On this, their new podcast, the pair welcome you into their home for a personal, fascinating and funny journey through a musical world.

Heartlands is a podcast that takes listeners on a journey through Britain, painting a picture of what work - in the shadow of heavy industry - looks like in 2022.

From the burgeoning film and TV industry in Glasgow, freeport workers in Tilbury and Amazon associates in Durham, we uncover which new industries are thriving and how working culture is evolving.

Told through the lens of 5 young presenters: Sophie, Hugh, Macy, Charley and Che, this series explores youth employment and takes an unbiased snapshot of our post-industrial heartlands now.

MEMORIES FROM THE DANCE FLOORMemories from the Dance Floor is a docu-series celebrating LGBTQ+ venues and unravelling the forgotten history behind queer nightlife across the UK, as host, Damian Kerlin, dives into 20th century queer culture and the opening of iconic super clubs.

Damian is joined by founders, artists, promoters and patrons to unpack the expressions of queer identity after dark, colourfully told by the community that lived it.

Working Hard, Hardly Working
In this podcast series, author and entrepreneur Grace Beverley moves away from the traditional 9-5 work rhetoric, to get a better understanding of what ACTUALLY goes on behind the scenes and how that looks for us as individuals. Are you good at taking time off? What’s the side to your work life that no one else sees? How do you avoid burnout? Each week Grace and her guest open an honest dialogue about these topics, and share practical tips to help make our work and home lives more balanced, successful and fulfilling.

This podcast accompanies the launch of Grace’s debut novel and Sunday Times Best Seller; Working Hard, Hardly Working.

Shaun Keaveny’s Community Garden Radio 
CGR won Silver at the ARIAS in the Best New Show category. It is a listener run radio station which is live every Wednesday afternoon. Sign up via Patreon.