Short documentaries for BBC Radio 4

The Pink Flamingo

Short documentary about the Pink Flamingo relay - a celebration which accompanies the Gay Games and IGLA (International Gay and Lesbian Aquatic) competitions. Featuring the former Olympic swimmer Peter Prijdekker.

The Blue of Dover

Charles ‘The Tuna’ Chapman broke marathon swimming records and challenged racial barriers in aquatics. He was the first person to swim to Alcatraz using the butterfly stroke and twice circumnavigated Manhattan Island. In 1981 he became the first African American to swim the English Channel. With help from fellow marathon swimmer and friend, Naji Ali, Charles talks about his extraordinary swimming acheivements.

The History of Night

Dr Andy Flack explores the cultural history of night, exploring caves, caverns and all things crepuscular.

The Gallery

Rosemary and Fred West, Johnny, Depp and Harold Shipman are just some of the subjects who have sat for the foremost court room artist in the UK, Precilla Coleman. In this short feature, Pricilla explains how she entered the obscure world of court room artisty.